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Festival of Trees

Our Festival of Trees tree is up! It’s the cutest one yet!


4th Grade: Across the Map

Fourth Grade has been working hard on their Islamic tiles. They started by drawing a geometric pattern or an abstract, plant-like pattern on a small triangle, then repeated that pattern all the way around a tile. They can use the triangle to make as many copies as they like, but we stuck with just one for class because it’s a time-consuming process to draw and color all of the patterns.

Afterwards, we drew the Taj Mahal and discussed the different parts of its architecture. These were done with sharpies, and also included a reflection in watercolor paint and oil pastels.

Now, we’ve moved on to look at the art of Africa. Since African art features many materials from nature, we’ll be doing a mixed media painting of zebras. The drawing itself is in sharpie, the sky and grass is in watercolor, the trees and horizon are in oil pastels, the border will be in acrylic, and the designs on the border will be in chalk pastels. Finally, we will add dried grass to give it an interesting sense of depth, as well as a direct connection with the natural world.


1st Grade: Thinking Big

First Grade has been studying Ancient Egypt for the past few weeks. While looking at the great pyramids and the Sphinx, we did a landscape collage of the Egyptian desert. It was a mix of paint, torn paper, cut-out camels, and pyramids. As an added bonus, we also looked at how objects that are closer to us are larger, and ones that are farther away are smaller.

After completed our landscapes, we started the final project for Ancient Egypt: life-size Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The class split up into groups and picked a God or Goddess from a list. Then, they traced someone from the group as a starting point for their drawings. From there, they’ve been working to draw in the details and add color, bringing their gigantic drawings to life.


Pre-Preppers: A Break from the Brown Bear

The Pre-preppers have been continuing to work on their Brown Bear books, but we took a break to play with bingo, Play-Doh, and crayons. I think it was a good refresher, especially since bingo is always met with great excitement. That doesn’t mean Brown Bear sat on the sidelines, though. Between games, everyone was given a chance to paint the Black Sheep, Green Frog, and Purple Cat for their books. Next week, we’ll work on gluing down the final animals to complete the project!