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Preppers: St. Patrick’s day painting

Preppers talked about how we can paint with many different materials, not just paintbrushes. They demonstrated this by painting St. Patrick’s day pictures with feathers and green paint!!


Pre-preppers: Sensory oceans!

Pre-preppers got messy this morning while hand painting “oceans” for their water transportation vehicles!


Kindergarten: Keith Haring

Kindergarteners learned about an american artist today, Keith Haring. They learned about the interesting style of graffiti. They got to pose and trace their bodies to create haring style “kindergarteners”.


3rd grade: Alberto Giacometti

After learning about the artist Alberto Giacometti, 3rd graders “struck a pose” for their friends to sketch them in the style of Giacometti ( extremely tall, impossibly thin, unproportioned). They are currently working on sculpting a “metal” (tin foil) Giacometti figure!

Here is a friend posing in a split just like her Giacometti figure!! 🙂


Kindergarten: Abstract art

Kindergarteners have been all about abstract art lately! We have been looking at different abstract artists and their work, and practicing our own abstract art. Today, we learned that art is a lot like science, because we get to experiment! We learned the technique of “paint pouring” to create a mixture of colors in an abstract way. They loved it!!


1st/2nd grade: Seuss day!

In honor of Dr. Seuss day, 1st and 2nd graders learned how to draw the cat in the hat!