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Pre-Preppers: Q-tip Paintings

This week, the Pre-preppers have been stepping outside the norm with their painting materials. Instead of using paint brushes, we have been using Q-tips! The rounded tip allows for painting and drawing on our papers without the risk of tearing a hole through the sheet, so my little painters can use as much or as little paint as they would like.



Pre-Preppers: Brown Bear, Brown Bear…

The Pre-Preppers have been steadily working their way through the animals of the Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? book, where we paint the animals featured in the story. This week, we were painting the Goldfish and the Green Frog.

Last week, we took a brief break from the painting to finish up a forgotten New Year’s project. My little friends had painted fireworks with a fork, but we never got around to gluing the city together on top. So last week, that’s what we did. With black rectangles for buildings and tiny yellow rectangles for windows, we built a city that could enjoy the fireworks display!


Pre-Preppers: Fall Trees

As the autumn weather sets in and the leaves fall from the trees, our Pre-Prepper class did a fun and messy stamping activity with the colors we were seeing outside. Armed with cotton balls, clothes pins, and paint, they got to decorate tree outlines with some enthusiastically placed leaf blobs. I think the trees came out adorably, and it let many of my little friends enjoy some freedom with their favorite art material: paint.


Pre-Preppers: Big Stamps!

Recently, the Pre-Prepper class has been doing a lot of fun, messy projects. We started things of with crayon resist paintings. Everyone got to draw a picture and then paint it to their liking. Then last week, the class got to experience the joys of giant stamps! They were big plates of styrofoam with objects glued to them to make different designs. This activity is always a big hit. The kids love to combine their three favorite things: paint, stamps, and big sheets of paper.


Pre-Preppers: Leaving Tracks

The Pre-Preppers got to welcome their new classmates this week as the Toddlers moved up to join our art class! Such an exciting even warranted an exciting project, so I broke out the toy trucks and the paint for a wonderfully messy painting experience.

We put our wind-up trucks into trays and let them spin tires in the paint, leaving tire tracks all over the paper. It was loads of fun!

We followed up that project with Picasso faces, where our little artists got to glue together faces and color them with markers. The resulting abstractions are up in the hallway for viewing, so feel free to drop by and take a look!

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