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Preppers: Easter Eggs!

Easter is one of the best excuses to break out the art supplies. There are so many projects we could do! The Prepper class got to enjoy several days of shaving cream art–one of my favorite activities–that they then used to marble their easter egg stencils. The final eggs are up in the hallways for admirers to look at. We also made baskets out of popsicle sticks and drew baby chicks both in and out of eggs. It has been a super fun series of projects!


Preppers: Winter art!

With the cold weather moving in, the desire for snow is strong in the Prepper class. The ever-popular snowflake art was first on the agenda. We got to cut out snowflakes together to glue into painted snowstorms. You can see the finished ones up on the wall in some of the pictures. The next project was to make snowmen! Everyone loves a cute snowman, and these were simply adorable! The students got to draw, cut out, and decorate their snowmen before taking them home to show mom and dad.


Preppers: Halloween!!

In preparation for the most fantastic holiday of the year, the Preppers have been doing all sorts of crafts. We started have created bat paintings, explored worm (spaghetti) sensory bins and rice sensory bins, played a ghost matching games, done pumpkin drawings and paintings, and glued together silly monster faces. The rice was definitely the most popular activity, but we’ve had fun with all of it.


Preppers: Dreamcatchers

For the past few weeks, the Prepper class has been working very hard on their color wheel dreamcatchers. First, we painted circles as a color wheel, taking care not to mix up the colors. Next, everyone got to pick out three pieces of yarn to tie to the bottom, along with three feathers to match. Finally, we threaded the yarn with beads and tied it all together!

We also did crayon resist paintings with watercolors, so that the class still got a chance to mix up some colors.


Preppers: Rainbow Trains

This past week, we welcomed some new friends up from the Pre-Prepper class! Since trains were used in a few of their previous projects, I decided to bring those trains back in a new “big kid” project to help them feel at home in the new class.

We traced blocks to make the squares for our train cars and then colored them in the colors of the rainbow. Next, we cut them out to glue in a line (or other arrangement) to make our trains. The finished products are up in the hallway, so be sure to swing by and take a look!

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