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Preppers: St. Patrick’s day painting

Preppers talked about how we can paint with many different materials, not just paintbrushes. They demonstrated this by painting St. Patrick’s day pictures with feathers and green paint!!


Preppers: Fun with color mixing!

Our Preppers have been experimenting with colors this week. This morning, they were invited to mix the colors RED and YELLOW to make a new color! They loved seeing their shaving cream/paint mix turn ORANGE. They were all fascinated that each of their color mixes were different. They were able to experiment with adding more yellow or more red to see how the color changed! When they were satisfied with their color orange, we laid paper on top of their mixtures to “capture” their color. Stay tuned for more color experiments!



Preppers: Skies for Snowflakes

This past week, the Prepper class painted blue snowy skies and learned to cut out a snowflake from paper. We then glued our snowflake to the painted sky.


Preppers: Symmetry Paintings

This week, the Preppers learned about symmetry. I explained that a paper that was symmetrical was the same on both sides, and then showed them how to fold their papers to make a painting that mirrored itself. They loved the process and had a great time deciding what their final images were. We had a lot of butterflies, a dinosaur, an octopus, Elsa and Anna, a monster, and two fish.


Preppers: Painting Practice

The Prepper class has been doing a lot of painting projects recently! We have looked at watercolor paints and how they mix, what happens when you paint on crayon and other wax/oil based surfaces, and ways to paint everyday things like the grass and sky. We also do our fair share of abstract art, which is always fun!


Preppers: Mixed Media Snails

In recognition of the nice warm weather, the Prepper class made snails out of a variety of art materials. We combined colored paper, painted paper, and cut-out shapes to make cute little snails while also enjoying some new centers in the art room!