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Kindergarten: Printmaking 101

The Kindergarten class got introduced to a complicated, but fun, experience last week. We started Printmaking! We were doing styrofoam prints. The first steps were easy: get a plate, draw a picture, cut off the edges of the plate. Put the paint made things trickier. I let the class try both Brayers and Paintbrushes to apply their paint, and then talked about the different ways the paint could affect the final print. Too much paint made it blobby, but too little left it in speckles. There’s no perfect formula though, so in the end I just set them loose to try it out for themselves. That’s more fun anyway!

This week we are working on combining some of the elements of art. Our zebras include 4 types of lines, each main set of complimentary colors, and a variety of shapes. We are also including two different mediums: markers and paint.


Kindergarten: Sculptures and Statues

Our lessons on abstract art came to a close as we finished our Green Stripe portraits. The class really enjoyed using strange and silly colors on their paintings. It was a nice break from the many realistically-colored portraits we had been working on. Next, we moved on to talk about Sculptures and Statues. The class was quick to pick up on the differences, and even quicker to get to work on some Play-Doh examples. We also made Halloween trees out of paper bags as example sculptures, but they aren’t quite done being painted yet, so those pictures will probably be up by the end of the week.


Kindergarten: Color Wheels

I am so excited to welcome our new Kindergarten class! We used our first week to decorate folders and get to know each other and get used to the classroom set-up. Last week, we got started on a project. Everyone was super excited to learn that we would be painting straight away! We’re working on creatively shaped color wheels. They should be up in the hallway by the end of next week for everyone to see.

Photo Aug 26, 1 25 52 PMPhoto Aug 26, 1 25 55 PMPhoto Aug 26, 1 25 59 PM

Kindergarten: Final Projects

The Kindergarten class has been working on end of the year review projects. It is a team assignment based on some of the elements of art. Each group got assigned a topic of Color, Line, Texture, or Shape, and then got a large sheet of paper to draw on. The goal was for each group to teach the class about their element. It was a fantastic team building activity, and the class really did well with being respectful during presentations and being supportive of their classmates’ hard work. I couldn’t have been more proud of them!

Photo May 06, 1 03 04 PMPhoto May 06, 1 03 06 PMPhoto May 06, 1 03 12 PMPhoto May 06, 1 03 15 PMPhoto May 06, 1 09 14 PMPhoto May 12, 1 16 20 PMPhoto May 12, 1 18 16 PMPhoto May 12, 1 19 57 PMPhoto May 12, 1 22 41 PMPhoto May 12, 1 24 29 PMPhoto May 12, 1 25 23 PM

Kindergarten: Picasso Puppies

After completing the Pop Art batman drawings and the Op Art illusions, Kindergarten moved on to their next art movement: Cubism. Picasso was one of the most famous Cubist painters, so we used his imagery as inspiration, though I’m pretty sure he never painted a puppy. Kindergarten, however, was more than excited to have a pup as their subject matter. We started out by drawing the image together in pencil, and then tracing it with a black marker. Right now, we’re in the process of coloring the drawing with warm colors for the puppy and cool colors for the background. They should be done by the end of next week, and up on the wall for everyone to see!


Kindergarten: BAM! Pop Art!

In Kindergarten, we’ve been looking at famous artists and recreating their work. We started with Piet Mondrian, who used primary colors (and neutral colors, as one of my students was quick to add) to paint squares and rectangles in box-based patterns. His most famous work from that series is the Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow, so we used that one as an example. Since painting straight lines can be hard, we did tape paintings instead, and then cut out black rectangles to make the outlines for the shapes.

Next, we started looking at Pop Art. Andy Warhol was our artist for that movement, and we drew his Soup Cans series. I was amazed at how well the class did with their drawings, and with replicating those drawings four times. I had them draw one with me, and the rest on their own. Pretty impressive results! Finally, on the topic of Pop Art, we looked at some comic book art and how the noise-words pop off the page. Things like BAM and POW are always shown in a spiky starburst shape. They show action and imply sound. Following our discussion, we started doing Batman drawings that included one of those action words. They’re still in progress, but they are coming along nicely!


Kindergarten: Two Skills are Greater than One

The Kindergarten class has been working on combining the different skills they’ve been learning about this year. First, we worked on how to use simple combinations of color and line, we can make beautiful patterns! This was done through weaving paper. I also had the group sit down in the floor and arrange their work in different ways to see how the woven patterns looked when put next to each other.

Next, we tried to turn something 2D into something 3D. We did this with coffee filters and spray starch, using them to create macchia bowls. It was also a good review on color mixing. Each student was asked to only use colors that could be mixed together to make a secondary color, which they were also allowed to use. For example, they could use red, yellow, and orange together, but not green, purple, and blue together.

Finally, this past week, we started working on how to use the elements of art to make sense of a picture that is new to us. As an introduction to the idea, we made inkblot paintings and turned them into creatures. We had birds, cats, and butterflies, among other things, made entirely out of colorful inkblots! They were very cute, and inspired a wonderful discussion afterwards, as we sat down to share our creations.