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Kindergarten: Keith Haring

Kindergarteners learned about an american artist today, Keith Haring. They learned about the interesting style of graffiti. They got to pose and trace their bodies to create haring style “kindergarteners”.


Kindergarten: Abstract art

Kindergarteners have been all about abstract art lately! We have been looking at different abstract artists and their work, and practicing our own abstract art. Today, we learned that art is a lot like science, because we get to experiment! We learned the technique of “paint pouring” to create a mixture of colors in an abstract way. They loved it!!

Kindergarten: Wayne Thiebaud cupcakes

Pre-k and Kindergarten have been learning about the artist Wayne Thiebaud. We enjoyed looking at his art that was inspired by everyday things in life! We loved that he create yummy looking “food” art! Our kindergartners created trinket bowls shaped like cupcakes! I can’t even handle the cuteness of these! 😍


Kindergarten: yarn sculpture

Kindergarten reviewed what sculptures are today. After listening to the story of Harold and The Purple Crayon, they started on their own yarn sculptures, inspired by Harold himself! We are patiently waiting to see what they look like when they dry!


Kindergartner:Paper weaving

Kindergartners are practicing their paper weaving skills this week!


Kindergarten: Relief Sculptures

Last week, I talked to the kindergarten class about different types of sculptures. We started with relief sculptures, which are not free-standing. Instead, they are raised up off of a backing of some kind. We made yarn reliefs of trees! Also, when it came time to free draw at the end of class, one of my students came up and said he was going to practice drawing Henri Matisse. We had looked Matisse’s painting “The Green Stripe” and did a project on it a few weeks ago. I was thrilled that the information had inspired future artwork. Here’s a video of us talking about what he had made:


Kindergarten: Printmaking 101

The Kindergarten class got introduced to a complicated, but fun, experience last week. We started Printmaking! We were doing styrofoam prints. The first steps were easy: get a plate, draw a picture, cut off the edges of the plate. Put the paint made things trickier. I let the class try both Brayers and Paintbrushes to apply their paint, and then talked about the different ways the paint could affect the final print. Too much paint made it blobby, but too little left it in speckles. There’s no perfect formula though, so in the end I just set them loose to try it out for themselves. That’s more fun anyway!

This week we are working on combining some of the elements of art. Our zebras include 4 types of lines, each main set of complimentary colors, and a variety of shapes. We are also including two different mediums: markers and paint.