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3rd/4th grade

We’ve been working on using our elements of art to create an original work of art. Each student was asked to pick at least two elements to use in their creation. We aren’t quite through yet but here are some progress pictures!


3rd/4th Grade: Illuminated Letters

Last week, 3rd and 4th Grade finished up their bamboo paintings and got to jump into the art of the Middle Ages. I am SO excited about their next project! We will be doing last year’s illuminated manuscript project, where each student gets 5-6 letters from the alphabet and gets to decorate them in the style of the beautiful manuscripts from the times of kings and queens. Everyone was ready to get started, and even decided to work on their project during their reward day. They’ve been very focused, and love to compare and discuss their work as they go along. I know these are going to be great!


4th Grade: Across the Map

Fourth Grade has been working hard on their Islamic tiles. They started by drawing a geometric pattern or an abstract, plant-like pattern on a small triangle, then repeated that pattern all the way around a tile. They can use the triangle to make as many copies as they like, but we stuck with just one for class because it’s a time-consuming process to draw and color all of the patterns.

Afterwards, we drew the Taj Mahal and discussed the different parts of its architecture. These were done with sharpies, and also included a reflection in watercolor paint and oil pastels.

Now, we’ve moved on to look at the art of Africa. Since African art features many materials from nature, we’ll be doing a mixed media painting of zebras. The drawing itself is in sharpie, the sky and grass is in watercolor, the trees and horizon are in oil pastels, the border will be in acrylic, and the designs on the border will be in chalk pastels. Finally, we will add dried grass to give it an interesting sense of depth, as well as a direct connection with the natural world.


4th Grade: Gothic Gargoyles

After the last of the letters for the illuminated alphabet were finished, the final tapestry was put up in the hall for everyone to admire. Gothic Cathedrals were next on the list, and we took a look at the features on some of the more famous ones, like Notre Dame. The matching project took shape in the form of clay. Each student got to create their own gargoyle! Ours were simplified into big-mouth gargoyles that lacked main bodies, but they all came out looking great. As an added bonus, the class loved the activity! Many of our gargoyles got a little top heavy, so they had to dry while munching on little paint bottles (to keep the shape of the mouth), and that was equally enjoyable to look at.

This week, we got started on an Islamic tile project as we started a new section of art history. The tiles featured geometric shapes that were repeated over and over to make a pattern. We are working to replicate that effect by making a stencil to trace over and over again until we get a complete tile.