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We are weavers, master weavers! Each student got 10-12 strips of water color paper which they then painted however they wanted. Once everyone was done they worked together (girls at one table, boys at the other) to plan out there weave patterns! After that they worked together to get them woven for the finished project!


3rd/4th Grade: Illuminated Letters

Last week, 3rd and 4th Grade finished up their bamboo paintings and got to jump into the art of the Middle Ages. I am SO excited about their next project! We will be doing last year’s illuminated manuscript project, where each student gets 5-6 letters from the alphabet and gets to decorate them in the style of the beautiful manuscripts from the times of kings and queens. Everyone was ready to get started, and even decided to work on their project during their reward day. They’ve been very focused, and love to compare and discuss their work as they go along. I know these are going to be great!