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2nd Grade: Native American Art

2nd Grade just wrapped up their unit on Native American Art where we looked at and created designs based on their saddle blankets. Using earthy colors and geometric patterns, the students each designed their own rug, cloak, tapestry, or blanket design on paper. They are all just beautiful and the class worked so hard on them!



2nd Grade: Art of Japan

2nd Grade has been studying landscapes. In particular, we looked at the landscape scrolls of Japan, and the ink/watercolor washes they used to paint them. The students were eager to ask questions and learn everything they could about the history of the scrolls and how they were used, which really impressed me! They soaked up the information like sponges and applied it to their paintings and their conversations while we worked. I think the finished products are simply beautiful. I cannot wait to hang them up!


2nd Grade: Value Silhouettes

Last week, the 2nd Grade class completed the Value Silhouette project. It consisted of 3 parts. First, they drew or traced an animal of their choice onto their papers. Second, they painted a value scale around the animal. And finally, we had a critique where the class got to talk to each other about things they were proud of and things they thought they could do better. After critique, I let everyone go back and correct anything they wanted to fix before turning in their papers. I was so impressed with how well the class handled feedback from their peers! Everyone was very supportive of the work of their classmates. These paintings are now up in the hallway for everyone to admire.


2nd/3rd Grade: One with Nature

In the Second and Third Grade class, we rejoiced as the mosaic pieces came to completion just in time for the art show. They looked fantastic, and were really popular with all of the visitors at the show.

That meant it was time to move on, so we have begun looking at American Indian Art. They often used abstract symbolism to represent both natural and spiritual objects, so we started our next project by sketching abstracted types of weather. Then, we discussed how Native Americans primarily used natural resources as their mediums. With that in mind, we then turned our sketches into sand art! The students are working on each section, one color at a time to fill in their white paper with colorful sand.



2nd/3rd Grade: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Upon completion of their symmetrical Taj Mahal drawings, 2nd and 3rd grade have started on a tile project inspired by Roman and Byzantine mosaics. While our mosaics won’t feature any gold or religious imagery, they are giving the class a good understanding of the process. Each student requested an image that they wanted to make into a mosaic, and I made a gridded template for them to follow for their chosen reference. It is time-consuming and slow, but the class is very good-natured about the work, and are eager to watch their finished products take shape.