5th Grade: Thomas Cole Landscapes

Inspired by Thomas Cole’s painting The Oxbow, 5th grade has been painting landscapes. We went outside and sketched some greenery, then came back in to combine it into a single image. I asked the class to also paint themselves into the image, just as Cole had done in his painting. I was super impressed with the final products! They really paid attention to details and took an interest in the different ways you can use color in a landscape. I couldn’t be more proud of my students. 



2nd Grade: Native American Art

2nd Grade just wrapped up their unit on Native American Art where we looked at and created designs based on their saddle blankets. Using earthy colors and geometric patterns, the students each designed their own rug, cloak, tapestry, or blanket design on paper. They are all just beautiful and the class worked so hard on them!


PreK: Drawing a Bunny and Painting an Egg

For the weeks leading up to Easter, we have been doing some fun and simple crafts with a mix of materials. I introduced the PreK class to Oil Pastels, which we used to decorate easter eggs before painting them with watercolors. We also took out the really huge paper to draw and color bunny families on! I asked everyone to draw their own family as a bunny and to be sure to include any brothers and sisters. I think some of my little friends added in a few extra siblings, but that’s okay. They all looked like really happy families to me!


Preppers: Easter Eggs!

Easter is one of the best excuses to break out the art supplies. There are so many projects we could do! The Prepper class got to enjoy several days of shaving cream art–one of my favorite activities–that they then used to marble their easter egg stencils. The final eggs are up in the hallways for admirers to look at. We also made baskets out of popsicle sticks and drew baby chicks both in and out of eggs. It has been a super fun series of projects!