Kindergarten: Printmaking 101

The Kindergarten class got introduced to a complicated, but fun, experience last week. We started Printmaking! We were doing styrofoam prints. The first steps were easy: get a plate, draw a picture, cut off the edges of the plate. Put the paint made things trickier. I let the class try both Brayers and Paintbrushes to apply their paint, and then talked about the different ways the paint could affect the final print. Too much paint made it blobby, but too little left it in speckles. There’s no perfect formula though, so in the end I just set them loose to try it out for themselves. That’s more fun anyway!

This week we are working on combining some of the elements of art. Our zebras include 4 types of lines, each main set of complimentary colors, and a variety of shapes. We are also including two different mediums: markers and paint.



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