PreK: So many artists, so little time

PreK has been working their way through a variety of artists lately. We started with Emily Carr, a Canadian artists who specializes in painting trees, spent some time with Kandinsky, a well-known painter of circles, and have now landed on Claude Monet. So with tree paintings, Kandinsky circles, and Monet-inspired gardens, we’ve been pretty busy! The final artwork has come out beautifully! I can’t wait to put it up in the art show. In the meantime, the Kandinsky circle group project is up in the hallway outside of the PreK room, and the Monet gardens will be hanging in the art room by the end of next week. Be sure to drop in and take a look!



Pre-Preppers: Brown Bear, Brown Bear…

The Pre-Preppers have been steadily working their way through the animals of the Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? book, where we paint the animals featured in the story. This week, we were painting the Goldfish and the Green Frog.

Last week, we took a brief break from the painting to finish up a forgotten New Year’s project. My little friends had painted fireworks with a fork, but we never got around to gluing the city together on top. So last week, that’s what we did. With black rectangles for buildings and tiny yellow rectangles for windows, we built a city that could enjoy the fireworks display!


Kindergarten: Printmaking 101

The Kindergarten class got introduced to a complicated, but fun, experience last week. We started Printmaking! We were doing styrofoam prints. The first steps were easy: get a plate, draw a picture, cut off the edges of the plate. Put the paint made things trickier. I let the class try both Brayers and Paintbrushes to apply their paint, and then talked about the different ways the paint could affect the final print. Too much paint made it blobby, but too little left it in speckles. There’s no perfect formula though, so in the end I just set them loose to try it out for themselves. That’s more fun anyway!

This week we are working on combining some of the elements of art. Our zebras include 4 types of lines, each main set of complimentary colors, and a variety of shapes. We are also including two different mediums: markers and paint.


5th Grade: Finished Prints

The most challenging project of the 5th grade year came to a close last week. 5th Grade has been working diligently on their printmaking projects for quite a while now, and the final creations really show how much time they put into it. I was really pleased with their desire to get their prints as perfect as they could be. Most of the students even asked if they could touch up the final piece or add a few extra details to make it a stronger final product… I mean, how can I say no to that? I’m super proud of them and all of their hard work!


3rd/4th Grade: Illuminated Letters

Last week, 3rd and 4th Grade finished up their bamboo paintings and got to jump into the art of the Middle Ages. I am SO excited about their next project! We will be doing last year’s illuminated manuscript project, where each student gets 5-6 letters from the alphabet and gets to decorate them in the style of the beautiful manuscripts from the times of kings and queens. Everyone was ready to get started, and even decided to work on their project during their reward day. They’ve been very focused, and love to compare and discuss their work as they go along. I know these are going to be great!


Preppers: Winter art!

With the cold weather moving in, the desire for snow is strong in the Prepper class. The ever-popular snowflake art was first on the agenda. We got to cut out snowflakes together to glue into painted snowstorms. You can see the finished ones up on the wall in some of the pictures. The next project was to make snowmen! Everyone loves a cute snowman, and these were simply adorable! The students got to draw, cut out, and decorate their snowmen before taking them home to show mom and dad.