1st Grade: Still Life Spheres

While First grade is a little early to do a real still life, we did a brief project on value and lighting just to get the class ready for next year’s assignments. We did a simple sphere, and I must say that I am very impressed with the results! The class learned the terms right away and were incredibly eager to learn how to do value scales on something other than a bunch of rectangles. Our spheres came out fantastically! They are up in the hallway for everyone to admire.

At the end of our Still Life work, we dove right into portraiture, so the last two pictures are of the class drawing the other students in the room. I loved hearing them discuss the details, like the different shirt styles and hair colors, that make each person look unique.



Kindergarten: Sculptures and Statues

Our lessons on abstract art came to a close as we finished our Green Stripe portraits. The class really enjoyed using strange and silly colors on their paintings. It was a nice break from the many realistically-colored portraits we had been working on. Next, we moved on to talk about Sculptures and Statues. The class was quick to pick up on the differences, and even quicker to get to work on some Play-Doh examples. We also made Halloween trees out of paper bags as example sculptures, but they aren’t quite done being painted yet, so those pictures will probably be up by the end of the week.


Preppers: Halloween!!

In preparation for the most fantastic holiday of the year, the Preppers have been doing all sorts of crafts. We started have created bat paintings, explored worm (spaghetti) sensory bins and rice sensory bins, played a ghost matching games, done pumpkin drawings and paintings, and glued together silly monster faces. The rice was definitely the most popular activity, but we’ve had fun with all of it.