3rd/4th Grade: Illusions

The 3rd and 4th Grade class just finished their Illusion projects. The project combines a review of basic tracing and coloring skills with the more advanced skill set of shading inĀ a value scale. The illusions are up in the art room for everyone to come and admire.



2nd Grade: Value Silhouettes

Last week, the 2nd Grade class completed the Value Silhouette project. It consisted of 3 parts. First, they drew or traced an animal of their choice onto their papers. Second, they painted a value scale around the animal. And finally, we had a critique where the class got to talk to each other about things they were proud of and things they thought they could do better. After critique, I let everyone go back and correct anything they wanted to fix before turning in their papers. I was so impressed with how well the class handled feedback from their peers! Everyone was very supportive of the work of their classmates. These paintings are now up in the hallway for everyone to admire.


Pre-Preppers: Big Stamps!

Recently, the Pre-Prepper class has been doing a lot of fun, messy projects. We started things of with crayon resist paintings. Everyone got to draw a picture and then paint it to their liking. Then last week, the class got to experience the joys of giant stamps! They were big plates of styrofoam with objects glued to them to make different designs. This activity is always a big hit. The kids love to combine their three favorite things: paint, stamps, and big sheets of paper.


Preppers: Dreamcatchers

For the past few weeks, the Prepper class has been working very hard on their color wheel dreamcatchers. First, we painted circles as a color wheel, taking care not to mix up the colors. Next, everyone got to pick out three pieces of yarn to tie to the bottom, along with three feathers to match. Finally, we threaded the yarn with beads and tied it all together!

We also did crayon resistĀ paintings with watercolors, so that the class still got a chance to mix up some colors.


PreK: Picasso Faces

As an introduction to abstract art and the cubist style of Picasso, the PreK class turned colorful rainbow paintings into a new abstract creation. We cut the paintings into strips and glued them down in a new arrangement, creating some very beautiful designs. We also made glue paintings last week. The class got to draw whatever they wanted and then trace it with glue. Afterwards, they painted with an entire palette of colors to fill in the white around their glue lines.

As we finished up the glue pictures, I let the class work with rulers so they could experiment with lines. It was just for fun, but they learned a lot just from watching each other.

Next, we drew portraits to cut into squares for our Picasso faces. The students really enjoyed being able to rearrange their pieces into silly expressions!