PreK: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

PreK has been working on a paper collage this week. We used strips of torn paper to make waves, drawn and cut shapes to make boats, and crayons to make the sunshine. There was also a brief mini lesson thrown in there about why the largest boat is the one closest to us.



Preppers: Tiny Turtles

This week, the Prepper class worked on drawing and cutting skills. We made a paper turtle! Each student was responsible for drawing and cutting out one circle and four ovals. Those were used to make the head and legs of the turtle. I provided the shell so that we all had the same base to glue on. Jules was so pleased with his paper turtle that he actually went and made a play-doh replica all by himself afterwards!


Pre-Preppers: Cut and Glue

This week, the Pre-Prepper class has been practicing with scissors and glue sticks. We had been looking at the ocean in many of our art projects, so I provided them with a variety of blues and greens and tans to pick from. Some of my little artists liked to cut, and some liked to glue, but all of them had lots of fun.