PreK: Mysterious Mona Lisa

PreK has been working very hard on two very different projects for these past few weeks. The first was a drawing of Mona Lisa. Not only was it good drawing practice, but it also made for good conversation. The little artists enjoyed guessing what Mona Lisa was smiling about. I think the end conclusion was that she was smiling because “Smiling makes people happy.”

We also looked at the art of Alexander Calder, a sculptor who is known for his mobiles. Since mobiles tend to get tangled up a lot and can become overly complicated, we did normal sculptures instead that still had elements of his work. Using bright colors and a variety of shapes, we cut out 12 foam shapes that were then put onto three pipe cleaners. The base of the sculpture was a piece of cardboard that each student got to paint in his or her choice of color. Finally, we stuck the ends of the pipe cleaners into the cardboard to make them stand up like little bridges across the base. The end result was something resembling a tiny, colorful jungle gym that could go home with them!



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