1st Grade: Pollock Paintings

First Grade finally finished up their Op Art illusions this past week. I was incredibly proud of how neatly the class colored in their drawings. They took their time and worked on each tiny section until it was neatly filled in. The illusions look amazing thanks to that hard work!

Our next topic was Splatter Painting. Any time that splatter paintings are mentioned, Jackson Pollock’s name is not far behind. First Grade was really intrigued by his paintings and how he came up with the names for them. They all offered their own suggestions about what they would have named the piece had it been their own creation. Lucky for them, they were about to make TWO Pollock paintings! We started small, with gentle flicks of the paintbrush and simple dripping methods in the classroom. The small paintings were then named by their artists and shared with the class. Next, we went on to a much larger scale. I took the class outside and let them really cut loose with their splatters. Even though we all ended up looking like we’d run through a paint sprinkler, it was a lot of fun, and the paintings came out marvelously. Next week, we’ll be naming them and putting them up for display.



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