Kindergarten: BAM! Pop Art!

In Kindergarten, we’ve been looking at famous artists and recreating their work. We started with Piet Mondrian, who used primary colors (and neutral colors, as one of my students was quick to add) to paint squares and rectangles in box-based patterns. His most famous work from that series is the Composition in Red, Blue, and Yellow, so we used that one as an example. Since painting straight lines can be hard, we did tape paintings instead, and then cut out black rectangles to make the outlines for the shapes.

Next, we started looking at Pop Art. Andy Warhol was our artist for that movement, and we drew his Soup Cans series. I was amazed at how well the class did with their drawings, and with replicating those drawings four times. I had them draw one with me, and the rest on their own. Pretty impressive results! Finally, on the topic of Pop Art, we looked at some comic book art and how the noise-words pop off the page. Things like BAM and POW are always shown in a spiky starburst shape. They show action and imply sound. Following our discussion, we started doing Batman drawings that included one of those action words. They’re still in progress, but they are coming along nicely!


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