PreK: Stencils and Storybooks

In the PreK class, we’re studying some modern day creators: Ted Harrison and Eric Carle. Ted Harrison is known for his colorful screen prints, and Eric Carle is known as the artist for many children’s books, like Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 

For our screen printing project, we made stencils as a guide. Each student drew a landscape of mountains out of thick marker lines. I cut out the stencils by following the lines they drew, and then taped those stencils to papers for everyone to paint. Using paint rollers, we added sheets of color to the stenciled images until the whole page was covered. Then we removed the stencil and Ta-Da! With a cheer, each student got to reveal their cleanly printed images to the class.

Since Eric Carle was known for his tissue paper animals, we also made some animals with tissue paper, only we didn’t limit ourselves to one color. Instead, the goal was just to fill in the outlines with so much tissue paper that we couldn’t see the white paper anymore. Each of my friends picked an animal to fill in and got instructions on how to use little pieces for little spaces and big pieces for big spaces. Then they were set free to glue!


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