Kindergarten: Two Skills are Greater than One

The Kindergarten class has been working on combining the different skills they’ve been learning about this year. First, we worked on how to use simple combinations of color and line, we can make beautiful patterns! This was done through weaving paper. I also had the group sit down in the floor and arrange their work in different ways to see how the woven patterns looked when put next to each other.

Next, we tried to turn something 2D into something 3D. We did this with coffee filters and spray starch, using them to create macchia bowls. It was also a good review on color mixing. Each student was asked to only use colors that could be mixed together to make a secondary color, which they were also allowed to use. For example, they could use red, yellow, and orange together, but not green, purple, and blue together.

Finally, this past week, we started working on how to use the elements of art to make sense of a picture that is new to us. As an introduction to the idea, we made inkblot paintings and turned them into creatures. We had birds, cats, and butterflies, among other things, made entirely out of colorful inkblots! They were very cute, and inspired a wonderful discussion afterwards, as we sat down to share our creations.




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