4th Grade: Gothic Gargoyles

After the last of the letters for the illuminated alphabet were finished, the final tapestry was put up in the hall for everyone to admire. Gothic Cathedrals were next on the list, and we took a look at the features on some of the more famous ones, like Notre Dame. The matching project took shape in the form of clay. Each student got to create their own gargoyle! Ours were simplified into big-mouth gargoyles that lacked main bodies, but they all came out looking great. As an added bonus, the class loved the activity! Many of our gargoyles got a little top heavy, so they had to dry while munching on little paint bottles (to keep the shape of the mouth), and that was equally enjoyable to look at.

This week, we got started on an Islamic tile project as we started a new section of art history. The tiles featured geometric shapes that were repeated over and over to make a pattern. We are working to replicate that effect by making a stencil to trace over and over again until we get a complete tile.



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