PreK: Carr and Kandinsky

PreK has been busily adding to their collections of famous artwork. We took a peek at Emily Carr’s tree paintings and did both paintings and drawings of our own forests. The key to it all was using different types of lines, and we talked about how the shorter lines gave better results than the long ones when it came to leaves.

Next was the infamous Kandinsky. We worked hard to create our own circle drawings based off of his paintings. But that was only the preliminary project. Once everyone got a hold on what Kandinsky circles looked like, we started a big group project. Everyone got a large sheet of construction paper with 5 circles drawn on it. Once all the circles were cut out, we sat in a big circle and traded colors until everyone had a stack of circles that didn’t have a single duplicate color in it. These will be glued onto a tree and put up in the hall for everyone to admire. The PreK 2 class already has theirs up, and PreK 1 will be ready for display on Wednesday.




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