Kindergarten: Piles of Prints

For the past couple of weeks, the Kindergarten class has been learning about printmaking. We talked about the process of making the Great Wave off Kanagawa, and then did a quick test run using two sheets of paper. One sheet was the “block” and the other was the “print.” Though it was messy, it was met with great enthusiasm. So I broke out the styrofoam and we started making some real blocks. The first set of blocks could be anything they wanted it to be. We had everything from flowers to tigers to self-portraits. We then used brayers and paint to coat our blocks like giant stamps. The printing process went smoother for some than others, but everyone had a lot of fun trying, even when the prints didn’t come out clearly. The second set of blocks was carved as a class, where we all drew castles. These came out better than the first set, since we had already had some practice. There are a few of the clearer prints up in the art room, and all of the blocks are up on display, so be sure to drop in and take a look!



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