1st Grade: Cavemen Coloring Lessons

The 1st Grade class has been learning about the Prehistoric era in art class. To get a feel for how art back then was created, we did a couple of different activities. The first was a rock drawing. I gave each student a slab of stone, a piece of chalk, and a crash course in drawing horses and bulls like the cavemen did, and then I set them loose to create! There was only one catch: there were no lights. Since the cavemen didn’t have any lights in their caves, we worked only by the light of the window and of an iPad I set on the back table. The kids really got a kick out of that, and also got a much better understanding of how difficult it would be to do a cave drawing. But even without lights, their drawings still came out wonderfully. I’ve posted a few pictures of the rocks as examples. The next day, we did a wall drawing with chalk. Going in groups of 4, everyone worked together to decorate our wall with handprints, animals, and people doing what they thought the cavemen would be doing. Our wall even featured some weather elements, like a thunder storm, with people in caves getting warm by a fire. I really applaud the students’ creativity! Finally, we played a game of Pictionary. I divided the class into two groups that would play independent from each other. In each group, one person would draw a story on a white board. The rest of the team had to guess the story. I asked them to think like cavemen, and draw stories about what the cavemen would have been doing. My favorite drawing was of a child in a cave waiting for the parents to hunt down supper. This week, we’ll be starting our lessons on Egypt, but I think we’ll leave the cave wall up for a while longer for everyone to enjoy.



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