Pre-Preppers: Would You Like to Build a Snow Globe?

To help bring the winter spirit into the art room, the Pre-Preppers have been working on a series of snowy projects. We made a snowman in a snow globe first. To make the snow globe, we put a blue circle of paper into a bowl and rolled marbles through white paint all over the circle. Then we glued together a snowman on top. Next, we made some snow day hats out of painted paper and cotton balls. There was also the option to glue together a large snowman for anyone who wanted to try their hand at the bigger project.

This week, we’ve been making a fireworks display for New Years by scraping paint around with a fork and a Q-tip. The bright colors on black paper are quite stunning! We’re going to glue some rectangles on top to make buildings, followed by little yellow scraps to make window lights.



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