1st Grade: A New Perspective

After the completion of our rough texture drawings, we had a brief interlude to go over how to make something shiny. I used an eye as an example, since people are a popular subject for our little artists. Our mini-art lesson was a bit complex in comparison to previous ones. I encouraged everyone to look at each other’s eyes and see that there were a variety of values inside. Shadows make the eye look round, and light spots make it look shiny. They did very well! We’ll be using that skill in later projects, so it was a good crash course.

Not wanting to get too deep into our next topic before the break, we used the last week before Christmas to do snowman drawings. I had the class draw a normal snowman and then a snowman being viewed from the top. It was a nice exercise in perspective, and how shapes change depending on the point of view, and it also offered good coloring practice as they tried to fill in the blue of their paper with a white colored pencil.




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