PrePreppers: Holiday Fun

The PrePreppers have been getting ready for the holidays by looking at colors that go with each holiday’s associated season. First, we worked with fall colors by making an orange, red, and yellow leaf wreath. Painting the coffee filters that would become the leaves was fun, since my friends got to see how the colors blend together as they painted. Another way we worked on our fall colors was through bubble wrap paintings. I put bubble wrap around lint rollers and let my friends paint by rolling them across large sheets of paper. This mixed paint in a different way, since the colors would only blend if the dots ended up in the same location.

In honor of Thanksgiving, and a large amount of enthusiasm for Gobbie (the turkey that the Prepper class made), we also made some turkey feathers to add to Gobbie’s collection.

For the chilly days to come, we’ve been doing winter paintings with blue and purple paints. These will be getting winter trees and some snow next week to complete the landscape. During downtime, as things dry, we’ve also been doing some little crafts, like cutting out snowflakes and gluing together snowmen.



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