Preppers: Gobbie the Thankful Turkey

For Thanksgiving, the Preppers were kind enough to help out our featherless turkey, whom they named Gobbie. He was sad, because he didn’t have any tail feathers. Luckily, the Preppers were eager to make him some. In no time at all, our featherless friend was happy and colorful, and the class was, too. They also made turkeys out of paper rings: A big ring for the body, a little one for the head, and four bent circles for the tail feathers. These baby turkeys didn’t make it to the wall in time for Thanksgiving, but the winter snowflakes are going to make up for it.

This week, the Preppers have been learning how to cut out a snowflake and paint a wintery sky for the snowflake to fall from. Each of my friends are in the process of creating and gluing together their winter creations. They make for a cool display, because everyone has a different snowflake, and a different painting, despite all having used the same process.



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