PrePreppers: Rolling, Rolling, Rolling….

Last week, the Pre-prepper class did some practice with shapes. Using blocks and stencils, we worked on tracing the outlines of the basic shapes in addition to some unusual ones, like flowers, dinosaurs, dog bones, and hearts. The activity started off a little slow, but quickly became very popular! The Pre-preppers liked it so much that I kept the blocks out for this past week as well. While waiting for a turn with the marble paintings, my friends liked to sit down and give it another go.

This week was all about marble paintings. With a box, a few blobs of paint, and a handful of marbles, the Pre-preppers had a wonderful time learning a new process for making abstract art. While waiting, they were also welcome to draw with chalk, or paint some circles.

DSCN7463 DSCN7561 DSCN7563 DSCN7564 DSCN7566 DSCN7567 DSCN7569 DSCN7570 DSCN7571 DSCN7572 DSCN7573 DSCN7574 DSCN7575 DSCN7576 DSCN7650 DSCN7652 DSCN7653 DSCN7654 DSCN7655 DSCN7656 DSCN7657 DSCN7659 DSCN7662 DSCN7663 DSCN7665 DSCN7667 DSCN7668 DSCN7669 DSCN7699 DSCN7701 DSCN7702 DSCN7704 DSCN7708 DSCN7710 DSCN7711 DSCN7712 DSCN7714 DSCN7716 DSCN7717 DSCN7719 DSCN7720 DSCN7721 DSCN7723 DSCN7724 DSCN7727 DSCN7729 DSCN7730 DSCN7733 DSCN7734 DSCN7736 DSCN7737 DSCN7738 DSCN7741 DSCN7744 DSCN7747 DSCN7748 DSCN7751 DSCN7753

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