Preppers: Points for Pointilism

The Preppers tried out Pointillism last week. Filling up an entire picture was a bit much, so we just worked on trying to use dots instead of lines to add color to the different sections of the coloring pages. This past week, we did drip paintings with eyedroppers. Outside of just being a fun way to splash some water around, it also provided practice with motor skills and color mixing. Between activities, we also took some time for painting with other unusual items, like forks and spoons. 
DSCN7469 DSCN7470 DSCN7471 DSCN7472 DSCN7474 DSCN7475 DSCN7477 DSCN7478
DSCN7480 DSCN7481 DSCN7482 DSCN7483 DSCN7485 DSCN7486 DSCN7487 DSCN7489 DSCN7490 DSCN7491 DSCN7492 DSCN7493 DSCN7494 DSCN7495 DSCN7518 DSCN7519 DSCN7520 DSCN7522 DSCN7524 DSCN7525 DSCN7527 DSCN7528 DSCN7605 DSCN7606 DSCN7607 DSCN7608 DSCN7609 DSCN7612 DSCN7613 DSCN7614 DSCN7615 DSCN7616 DSCN7618 DSCN7619 DSCN7620 DSCN7622 DSCN7623 DSCN7625 DSCN7626 DSCN7775 DSCN7776 DSCN7777 DSCN7778 DSCN7779 DSCN7780 DSCN7783 DSCN7786 DSCN7787 DSCN7791 DSCN7792 DSCN7794 DSCN7795 DSCN7797

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