5th Grade: Who lives next to the pineapple under the sea?

Fifth Grade thought they had won a prize last week. They walked into art class and were told they would get to play with Play-Doh. The children’s equivalent to clay made a great tool for learning about the different processes used to make ceramics. The day of Play-Doh was a practice day for the coming project. Fifth Grade would be making a cup or bowl that is also something else. For example, they could make a goblet that is also a dragon claw, or a bowl atop a turtle’s back. The subject was up to them, but they had to be able to make it in one day, because we would be using air-dry clay, which would be mostly dry by the time they returned for the next class. That part made this considerably more challenging. But, by the end of the week, we ended up with some very unique results! There was a mug in the shape of Squidward’s house, Spongebob holding a tea cup, a bowl with a turtle lid, a turtle mug, and a bowl in the shape of an open mouth. Once they are completely dry, we’ll take a day to get them painted. But, in the meantime, we’ll be moving on to our first art history lesson: the art of Japan!

DSCN7592 DSCN7593 DSCN7594 DSCN7595 DSCN7596 DSCN7680 DSCN7681 DSCN7682 DSCN7684 DSCN7685 DSCN7686 DSCN7687 DSCN7688 DSCN7689 DSCN7690 DSCN7691 DSCN7766 DSCN7767 DSCN7768 DSCN7769 DSCN7770 DSCN7771

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