4th Grade: Challenge accepted

Fourth Grade has been working hard on a class project for the past two weeks. It was a large-scale relief sculpture of a landscape. Each student was responsible for a certain piece of the image, but they were allowed to help each other out if somebody finished up early. The project involved cutting foam core boards into the pieces we needed. While the class came in thinking it would be a piece of cake, that was a quickly discarded thought when they tried to cut the thick boards. However, art class is about getting creative, and that’s exactly what we did. By sketching a line as a guide and then poking holes into the board along that line, it weakened the material, making it much easier to cut through. The process was long and difficult, but they did get a taste of how much of a challenge making a stone sculpture would be, considering they were only working with foam board and it was already a struggle. However, victory did come in time, and with some paint to spruce things up, the sculpture came together wonderfully. All of their hard work made them appreciate it more, and there were even rock-paper-scissors challenges over who would get to keep it.

At the end of this week, we moved on to the Art of China, where we got to try out some calligraphy and ink washes. The class was oddly quiet while they practiced. Everyone was extremely focused on trying to figure out how to control the thickness of a line, and how to turn black ink into the perfect shade of grey. I look forward to continuing their paintings next week!

DSCN7507 DSCN7509 DSCN7510 DSCN7511 DSCN7512 DSCN7513 DSCN7515 DSCN7516 DSCN7517 DSCN7541 DSCN7542 DSCN7543 DSCN7545 DSCN7546 DSCN7547 DSCN7548 DSCN7549 DSCN7550 DSCN7635 DSCN7637 DSCN7638 DSCN7639 DSCN7640 DSCN7808 DSCN7809 DSCN7810 DSCN7811 DSCN7812 DSCN7813


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