1st Grade: A fuzzy feeling

After finishing up our friend portraits, First grade started their lessons on texture. We covered how to draw soft/fuzzy, rough, smooth, and shiny surfaces with pencils, and then started the process with colored pencils. We are currently working on drawing a cat, or a dog, face. The fur is soft, the nose is smooth, and the eyes are shiny. It also gives us a recognizable image to work with when learning about fur. Everyone was encouraged to think about a cat or dog that they have seen in the past and how their fur goes in certain directions. By following the direction of the fur growth, they can make their pictures look more realistic.

DSCN7497 DSCN7498 DSCN7499 DSCN7500 DSCN7501 DSCN7502 DSCN7503 DSCN7504 DSCN7533 DSCN7534
DSCN7536 DSCN7537 DSCN7538 DSCN7539 DSCN7540 DSCN7627 DSCN7628 DSCN7629 DSCN7630 DSCN7631 DSCN7632 DSCN7633 DSCN7634 DSCN7798 DSCN7799 DSCN7800 DSCN7801 DSCN7802 DSCN7803 DSCN7804 DSCN7805 DSCN7806

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