PreK: Happy Halloween!

With the Andy Warhol projects completed at the beginning of last week, the Halloween celebrations could begin! We started off with some coloring pages to work on coloring neatly inside the lines before moving on to drawing our own Halloween landscapes. They ended up looking fantastic! With the liberty to draw pumpkins, ghosts, trees, and witches wherever they wanted, each drawing was came out as a unique creation.

This week, I brought in a box of “worms” (colored pasta) and some toys for everyone to play with. We also decorated Halloween bags and made pop-up haunted house cards. Everyone used their landscape practice to add in interesting little details to their houses. Ghosts peeked through windows and pumpkins sat in the yard. They were all very cute, though I think the most exciting thing for the class was that when the card was propped up, the house would pop out to stand on its own.

DSCN6704 DSCN6705 DSCN6706 DSCN6707 DSCN6710 DSCN6711 DSCN6713
DSCN6720 DSCN6721 DSCN6722 DSCN6723
DSCN6802 DSCN6803 DSCN6805 DSCN6808 DSCN6925 DSCN6929 DSCN6930 DSCN6932 DSCN6933 DSCN6935 DSCN6941 DSCN6942 DSCN6947 DSCN7428

The first column has Addison, Gabi, and Grant, and the second column as Braden, Aarush, and Waylen.

DSCN6729DSCN6948 DSCN7118 DSCN7120 DSCN7121 DSCN7204 DSCN7207 DSCN7209 DSCN7211 DSCN7214


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