Preppers: Taking the Initiative

Last week’s art class introduced a new activity that we’ll be trying out every couple of weeks: circle time. It’s important to be able to look at and talk about art, so we used last week to draw pictures and then share them with our friends. Some of the drawings included penguins, tornadoes, fish, families, a popsicle, and rainbows. We have some very creative thinkers in the Prepper class!

This week, we worked on learning the steps for printmaking. Each friend got a plate with paint, a roller, a Q-tip, and a small stack of papers. We first learned how to roll out the paint so that we had an even surface to draw on. Then, we drew with a Q-tip in the tray. Rolling again would erase the image, so that process went on for a little while until everyone had a drawing they wanted to keep. Finally, we gently pressed a paper into our trays so that the image was transferred to the paper. Everyone was pretty excited about having a collection of prints they could keep forever, and they were even more excited that they got to do the entire process all on their own.

DSCN6250 DSCN6252 DSCN6254 DSCN6256 DSCN6258 DSCN6260 DSCN6262 DSCN6265 DSCN6266 DSCN6267 DSCN6268 DSCN6383 DSCN6387 DSCN6391 DSCN6393 DSCN6394 DSCN6396 DSCN6398 DSCN6648 DSCN6651 DSCN6652 DSCN6655 DSCN6656 DSCN6658 DSCN6659 DSCN6660 DSCN6661 DSCN6663 DSCN6664 DSCN6666 DSCN6667 DSCN6669


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