4th Grade: Space Exploration Complete

4th Grade really excelled at their Space Division projects. I couldn’t be more proud of their hard work. Despite some frustrations, everyone keep working with a good attitude and got their projects done with wonderful results. Our critique went well also, with everyone being more than willing to share their thoughts on the process and what they’d learned. I loved hearing about the little things that they’d taken away from the project, not just how to distinguish foreground, middle ground, and background. Some of the discoveries were how to cut out tiny details, how to draw while using other images for comparison, and how to work through difficult parts of a figure.

To end our week, we started our lessons on sculpture with some relaxing Play-doh. We talked about the differences in in-the-round sculptures and relief sculptures, as well as the definition of a statue. We also touched very briefly on architecture. Everyone was asked to make four different sculptures; one of each topic we’d talked about. The results were both creative and entertaining. I look forward to starting their real sculpture projects!

DSCN6269 DSCN6270 DSCN6271 DSCN6284 DSCN6287 DSCN6288 DSCN6289 DSCN6411 DSCN6412 DSCN6413

Dixon’s turtle:


Dixon’s relief of the front view of a fighter plane:


Taylor’s bear:

DSCN6675 DSCN6677

Shyam’s person:


Ella Grace’s dog:


Taylor’s relief of a Clemson paw:


Shyam’s house:


Taylor’s gazebo:


Ella Grace’s relief of a chocolate chip and whipped cream pancake:


Dixon’s pirate ship:


Shyam’s relief of a smiley face:


Ella Grace’s hut:



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