2nd/3rd Grade: Still Life Success

With the completed Klimt Peacocks up on the wall, 2nd and 3rd Grade started in on their still life drawings. There was a lot of struggling in the first couple of days as we talked about how to draw the different angles of a block. The most difficult thing was understanding how to draw what we could see, not what we thought a block should look like. It was hard to let go of the need to draw horizontal lines on the bottom of the shape, despite it being at an angle on the table.

It was actually really amazing to watch though. As soon as someone got it, they REALLY got it. Suddenly, all the lines and angles were going the way they were supposed to! We then applied our previous knowledge of values to systematically shade in the blocks. There are a few drawings still in progress, but the rest are finished. Once they’re all complete, they’ll be going up on the wall below the Klimt Peacocks. I’ll post a picture once they’re up.

DSCN6335DSCN6201 DSCN6202 DSCN6329 DSCN6330 DSCN6331 DSCN6332


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