1st Grade: Back to Basics

After two weeks of working on drawing a rectangular prism, the 1st Grade class started to catch on to what they were really learning. While the prism was important, they were really learning about the value of patience and hard work when it comes to a difficult task. After trying out different methods for drawing the shape, everyone found a way that worked for them, and they were all very proud of what they’d learned after all that time.

But, it was still a little early to try shading in a prism, so we went back to our first lessons on forms and did a sphere drawing as our final still life project. While it is not technically accurate to life (we’re coloring grass and sky backgrounds for our spheres), we talked about how different angles will provide different views of an object. That means some students would have light sources in different areas than others. As a reminder of that, everyone has a sunshine on their paper to help pinpoint where the light is coming from on the sphere.

I was very impressed by how well everyone remembered the steps of shading in the values of their spheres. They’ve all improved so much since the beginning of the drawing lessons! I’ll post pictures of their spheres as soon as they are finished next week.

DSCN6281 DSCN6282 DSCN6283 DSCN6399 DSCN6401 DSCN6402 DSCN6403 DSCN6404 DSCN6405 DSCN6406 DSCN6408 DSCN6409 DSCN6410


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