Kindergarten: Line Variety Portraits

Last week and this week, the Kindergarten class has been looking at different types of lines and ways to use them. After our lessons, we did our first portrait project. The goal of the assignment is to use a different type of line on each section of the drawing. There was to be no coloring and no drawing. They could only use lines and patterns. The only other rule was to avoid putting lines on top of the actual face. Everything else was fair game. The end results were all very unique, with each student picking different areas to divide up and fill in. They had their pick of colors too, which added another touch of personality to each finished portrait.

We then moved on to a lesson on Matisse and a brief overview of abstraction, impressionism, and realism. We looked at Matisse’s Green Stripe portrait, and then started our own Green Stripe painting. Drawing a self-portrait was easy the second time around, so they came close to finishing that project in a single day.

I’ll be posting a picture of the final products on Monday, so check back soon!

DSCN5861 DSCN5862 DSCN5865 DSCN5868 DSCN5870 DSCN5871 DSCN5872 DSCN5964 DSCN5965 DSCN5966 DSCN5968 DSCN5971 DSCN5973

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