Preppers: Chihuly Class

The Prepper class has been finishing up the Seasonal Landscape Series from last week. With trees of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall completed, students moved on to a brief look at Chihuly sculpture. The pictures we looked at showed his hanging chandeliers and his fancy bowls. In class, we got to work painting projector sheets with blue and white paint so that they can be cut into pieces for a chandelier. Some students also tried making pinch pot bowls out of Play-Doh to mimic the ones in the pictures. Others just enjoyed sculpting their own personal creations!

DSCN5427 DSCN5428 DSCN5429 DSCN5431 DSCN5437 DSCN5438 DSCN5441 DSCN5523 DSCN5524 DSCN5526 DSCN5529 DSCN5530 DSCN5532 DSCN5533 DSCN5534 DSCN5535 DSCN5536 DSCN5538 DSCN5540 DSCN5559 DSCN5560 DSCN5722 DSCN5724 DSCN5725 DSCN5726 DSCN5729 DSCN5730 DSCN5731 DSCN5732 DSCN5734 DSCN5735 DSCN5736 DSCN5737 DSCN5738 DSCN5739


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