5th Grade: Work in Progress

The Fifth Grade’s drawing abilities have improved by leaps and bounds already! We started with drawing from a photo, but that was too much of a first step. After some discussion with the class, we tried again with line art as a reference instead. That seemed to be exactly what the group needed. With new pictures to draw from, progress was quick. Several students have already begun coloring the value scale into the stripes of their animals. I can’t wait to see the final pieces!

DSCN5424 DSCN5513 DSCN5517 DSCN5518 DSCN5647 DSCN5701 DSCN5702 DSCN5703 DSCN5706 DSCN5707 DSCN5708 DSCN5709 DSCN5710 DSCN5712 DSCN5714 DSCN5716


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