2nd/3rd Grade: Sillhouetted Shapes

This week, Second and Third Grade finished their silhouette value scales. We had a brief critique where the students were encouraged to talk about things they liked about their own work and the work of others. I was very proud of how open they were about things they wanted to improve as well! The eagerness to learn and grow is what makes for great art students.

Once the silhouettes were completed, we looked at The Tree of Life by Gustav Klimt and talked about the different ways that lines and patterns can be used in art. Next week, we’ll be working on our Klimt Peacock project.

DSCN5410 DSCN5411 DSCN5413 DSCN5415 DSCN5416 DSCN5613 DSCN5614 DSCN5617 DSCN5621 DSCN5624 DSCN5625 DSCN5627


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