5th Grade: Hand-Eye Coordination

Fifth Grade spent a few days working on a Value Color Wheel before moving on to our last bit of preparation for our Animal Color Wheel. We needed to practice drawing from observation, so everyone did a blind contour drawing where they only looked at their hands, not their papers. It was an exercise in hand-eye coordination. By focusing only on their subjects, students learned to draw what they saw rather than what they thought a hand should look like. Next, we practiced drawing our hands while being able to look at the paper, as well as working on drawing an animal from a photo reference.

DSCN5172 DSCN5173 DSCN5175 DSCN5176 DSCN5230 DSCN5231 DSCN5266DSCN5267 DSCN5268 DSCN5269 DSCN5270 DSCN5301 DSCN5302 DSCN5303 DSCN5304

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