Preppers: Painting Pros!

Last week, the Preppers got to work on drawing and painting shapes. We used markers to connect the dots on our papers, then used paints to practice working both inside and outside the lines as the instructions were given.

This week, we started on a watercolor collage. We had to paint some sheets to let dry before we could cut them up, so we passed the time by working in groups on a Happy Birthday plates for the school.

Some of our finished texture rainbows also got put up on the wall!
DSCN4964DSCN4963DSCN4962DSCN4961DSCN4960DSCN4966DSCN4957DSCN4956DSCN4954DSCN4953DSCN4949DSCN4947DSCN4946DSCN4945DSCN4944DSCN4943DSCN5028DSCN5019DSCN5027 DSCN5015 DSCN5014 DSCN5013 DSCN5010 DSCN5009
DSCN5004 DSCN5003 DSCN5002

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