Creation Station!

This past week, our PreK friends built wind chimes out of fish and paper plates. First, they got to color in their personal sea of fish, and then we tied them to a plate with yarn. Everyone was pretty excited to be able to take their creations home at the end of the week!

DSCN4847DSCN4844The Pre-Preppers worked on making Rainbow Fish. First, we had to glue down some scales so that their creations would be unique and colorful. We added tinfoil on top to make them glitter before putting the final outline on top. Our fishy friends are up in the hall now for all to see!DSCN4907

DSCN4905 DSCN4904 DSCN4903 DSCN4902 DSCN4901 DSCN4900 DSCN4899We also used stamps to decorate our clothes!


The Preppers this week worked on making rainbows. We each drew a rainbow with markers and then collected a variety of materials to make our rainbows 3D.

DSCN4859 DSCN4858 DSCN4857 DSCN4856 DSCN4855 DSCN4854DSCN4852And finally, the Preppers spent a day using shapes and colors to build a landscape. Then we added drawings of ourselves as a finishing touch!  DSCN4850


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