Kindergarten: Color Creations

Week one of Kindergarten art class was filled with color! We spent our first days working on personal folders and getting to know each other. We took the time to talk about ourselves and about what we liked in art. Rainbows were a popular subject, so we also had a small coloring lesson where we worked on coloring in small squares without scribbling. It took patience, but everyone had progressed by leaps and bounds by the time class was over.

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4th Grade: Fun Faces

Fourth grade started their art class off by making art folders that they can keep their work in throughout the year. They got to draw and color whatever they wanted, giving the class some time to show me what art styles and subjects they liked. The relaxed activity led into a silly one for our first lesson in creativity.

Everyone was asked to make a silly face using only lines, and the results were wonderfully unique! Outside of being a good review lesson on types of lines, it was a fun reminder that all people think differently, and that all ideas are welcome in art class.

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1st Grade: Making Mandalas

For the first week of art class, we spent some time decorating personal art folders. Students got to draw anything they wanted, giving us some time to relax and get to know each other through a fun, simple activity. We also practiced the first few steps to our first project: a mandala color wheel! The drawings were complex, but the entire class went from being unsure about their drawings to being confident that they could draw even complicated things through practice and patience.

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2nd/3rd Grade: Folders and Flowers

For our first week of art class, we worked on getting to know each other through our artwork. Each student was given a folder that they could decorate with anything they wanted. The relaxed nature of our first few days gave us time to talk and get to know each other, as well as see what kind of art our classmates enjoy creating. We also spent some time cutting out the center flowers for our Happy Birthday Banner for the school.

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5th Grade: Origami Masters

For our first week of class, each student was given a folder to decorate however they pleased. The opening free-draw experience let us see what art styles the class enjoyed, and also gave us time to talk and get to know each other.

Our other task was to create large folded flowers with construction paper as the backdrop for our Happy Birthday banner. It took some work, but the end result was wonderful!

DSCN5053 DSCN5054

Happy Birthday to Carolina Prep!

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade worked hard as a team to put together a flower banner for the school!

4th and 5th: large folded flowers

2nd and 3rd: smaller center flowers

1st: cut out the letters

K: glued together the pieces together

The Preschool also made a banner for the school’s birthday! Each class worked in groups to paint the paper plates that were put together in the final piece.

DSCN5084 DSCN5055

PreK: Time for Teamwork

Last week, PreK spent two days learning to draw different animals and people. We learned as a group, taking each activity step-by-step so that everyone could draw at their own speed. This helped us learn patience and respect for our friends and their abilities.

This week, we worked as a team to paint plates for our Happy Birthday Banner. We also started learning how to draw simple facial features so we can do self-portraits in the future.

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