Working hard and having fun in art!

It has been a busy couple of weeks in art!  Last week, students worked hard on their pinwheels for Pinwheels for Peace.  We even got all of the teachers involved!  The next time you see Ms. Mosley, be sure to ask her about her beautiful pinwheel!  The children enjoyed seeing their designs transformed in to spinning toys.  Luckily, they got to use them outside before the weekend rain hit.  This week, students have been finishing art various projects. Pre preppers have been busy putting shapes in place to create familiar animals.Pre prepper art work

Pre-K students made fall trees this week using a variety of paint techniques.  Some had a few leaves…fall tree with few leaves left

Some had lots!fall tree expoding with leaves

Second grade has been working with oil pastels to create silly cacti.  Students have seen how they can use lines and shapes to create movement in their artwork.

working on crazy cactus

The third graders finished their Paul Klee style landscapes this week.  They started out as simple line paintings, Klee landscapes in progress

and evolved into striking watercolor landscapes. finished Klee landscape


Fourth and fifth graders have been finishing their Banyan trees.  They too began as line paintings.

banyan tree in progress         Victoria works on Banyan tree

fd007f42-3b01-4a3f-a904-2cc9finished banyan tree83a8781_zps2e5ac10c

Kindergarten will soon begin work on Picasso style portraits, and first graders will finish their reptile reliefs.