Preppers and Pre-k Blow Paint in Art

Last week in Art Preppers and Pre-k had an awesome time blowing paint through straws. They loved using the different instrument in art. They made cool shapes and splatters with different colors! Their favorite part was that it was “messy” Art.

Funky Lettering in Kindergarten

Last week in Kindergarten we worked on making our names with some funky letters. Each student was able to pick the type of font they wanted to use for the assignment. Kindergarten welcomed the challenge of trying to duplicate the intricate lettering. We practiced letter by letter as to not overwhelm them.

Play dough in Prepreppers

Last week we focused on sensory feel in Prepreppers by working with play dough. We worked with a variety of tools to make different shapes and textures. It was a great way to introduce some of our new friends to our art class. While working with the play dough we also reviewed the shapes, colors and letters they utilized.

Animal drawings in Art

Last week in 2nd grade we worked on drawing animals from reference. Each student was allowed to choose an animal they’d like to draw. We used trace paper to become familiar with the outline of the animal, then gave free handing the animal a try. The kiddos really concentrated on their pieces and enjoyed working on a harder assignment.

Happy Valentines Day in Art

Last week we had a great time designing handmade Valentine’s cards. The kids used a variety of materials including paint,markers,stamps and their favorite…..GLITTER! They all dressed for the occasion and were excited to take the cards home to their families.

Abstract in Pre-K

Last week Pre-k worked on abstract watercolor pieces. They used the cutout tissue paper to create colorful compositions. They were excited to learn this version of painting. Each student’s piece has its own originality and splash of color and charisma!

Kindergarten Completes Weaving Project

This week Kindergarten completed their weaving project .They were very excited to see the end product of the beautifully colored pieces. The project required a great deal of concentration and patience, but they were very happy with the results. We also reviewed the color wheel in class this week.